WPA2 Setup For Staff & Students

For Android devices

SAIT offers a secure wireless network that can be accessed by WPA2 Compliant devices. Please follow the screenshot below to setup WPA2 for your Android device. If you have any problems please contact helpline .

Enabling WPA2 Authentication and Security

  1. Go to Settings -> Wi-Fi, select sait-secure

  2. Follow the instruction below to enter Identity to connect to “sait-secure”

    For SAIT students: acdm\studentID (without leading zeros, same as student computer login). eg. acdm\123456
    For SAIT staff: domain\username (same as staff computer login). eg. acdm\jdoe
    Newer versions of Android require the CA certificate be set to "Use system certificates", and a domain of sait.ca be specified.

    Select Save or Connect

  3. You will be connected to the WPA2 enabled SAIT secure wireless network.