Wireless Network Connectivity

SAIT Information Systems provides wireless network connectivity on SAIT campuses. Wireless access is free for SAIT students and staff.

SAIT offers two ways to connect to wireless:

  1. You can set your mobile device up for secure wireless access. This requires a one-time setup and provides quicker access and a more secure connection.
  2. You can connect to the "sait-open" wireless network. This method requires no setup. Once connected, your web browser will be redirected to a wireless login site where you can enter your account credentials to authenticate to the wireless service. After authentication, you can access the Internet.

We strongly suggest that you set your computer up for secure wireless access.


On August 17th, the former wireless networks (sait-acdm-student, sait-acdm-staff, and sait-admn) were turned off in favour of the new sait-secure network.

Computer systems owned and managed by SAIT have been migrated to the new network. Personal computers and mobile devices will need to be manually switched over to the sait-secure network.


>>> Set up SAIT Secure Wireless automatically using Quicksetup tool <<<





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